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Cedar Roof Conversion

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Cedar Roof Conversion

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When it comes time to thinking about a cedar roof replacement, there are many questions and concerns that homeowners have regarding this major home renovation project. Cedar roof replacement is known to roofers as a cedar conversion.


What is a Cedar Conversion?

A cedar roof replacement usually means that a roofer will recommend that you replace your cedar shingles with a more durable product like high quality laminated fibre glass shingles. Laminated fibre glass shingles are able to withstand the weather conditions over a longer period of time meaning that you will not need to replace your roof as regularly as with cedar shingles.

Common Problems with a Cedar Roof

You may see these common cedar roof shingles problems happening to your home. The common problems that homeowners experience with a cedar roof include:
• Cedar cracking
• Cedar curling
• Cedar shingles falling out
• Cedar caps damage
• Cedar caps falling out
• Roof leaks from weather
• Rodent damage

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